About me.

Hi, I’m Jose.

I called myself JOSEKUN because I wasn’t very inspired when I chose a permanent Nickname for me on cyberspace.

“JOSEKUN  { Pronunced [HOZE・KƏN ] } is a Mix of Spanish; Jose and; Japanese Kun (くん), meaning dear Jose. Same as “Joselito” or Joe”

I first came to Japan over 20 years ago in many temporal visits. Now I have been here straight 12 years. Surviving, learning, loving and hating.

I work behind the computer, spending hours and hours of Networking, reviewing, learning and writing.
3 years ago, I found the fascination and complexity of social networking and became addicted to it. Now I have accounts in a few dozen sites from the entire world. Looking forward meeting you there!

My job is to Network people and business powerfully and cost-effectively trough Social Media Marketing.
With the use of Internet marketing, I help people, products, brands and business to achieve their marketing and public relations objectives.

Simple at first view, Social Media Networking evolves very fast and requires daily updating and research.

Besides Internet marketing, PR and networking, and due to many years working in Japanese corporations and having to accept the responsibility to take control of situations, I can say that my management skills have developed to a very good level. That developed to allow me to create my own small business, Mondo-Books and my first company; Mondo Media Networks.

Living in Japan has been difficult not because of learning Japanese or adapting to the Japanese culture but because of Japan adapting to the world an allowing people to fit in.

To run a company in Japan, ahs not only has been the biggest challenge in my life, it has also been the most fascinating thing I’ve done.

Native of Mexico, I have lived in the US Japan and China. In small towns and cities big cities like Mexico City, Cancun, Acapulco, Guanajuato, New York, Tokyo, Osaka Nagoya and Shanghai.

Now I am hoping to have the chance to visit China more often and probably live in there for a while.

So befriend me and contact me here or any other network if there’s something to say!


Elance:  http://bit.ly/JoseElance

LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/JoseLinkedIn

Google + : http://bit.ly/JosekunPlus
Twitter: https://twitter.com/josekun_japan
About Me: http://about.me/josekun
WEIBO: http://weibo.com/i/josekun
Qing: http://qing.weibo.com/josekun
QQ: http://t.qq.com/Josekun_japan
Stumble Upon:http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/josekun/
Sino Web: http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/2213359987
Renren: www.renren.com/profile.do?id=372478523
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/josekun/

Couch Surfing http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/josekun/


Skype me(Skype Phone ONLY): Josekun


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