Hi, I’m Jose.

I called myself JOSEKUN because I wasn’t very inspired when I chose a permanent Nickname for me on cyberspace.

JOSEKUN  { Pronunced [HOZE・KƏN ] } is a Mix of Spanish; Jose and; Japanese Kun (くん), meaning Dear Jose. Same as “Joselito” or Joe.

I write my Blog to to let the world know about me, my story, what I do and what I like. Not that I am that egoistic but gotta do it when into business, special Media.

From citizen of (once) an small town to  entrepreneur in Asia, I have been to many steps and situations in Life that came to the long awaited decision to open my Business, now Businesses.

After many unsuccessful attempts to find the correct business partner, I met Mike a few years ago. Business enthusiast and self-motivated, Mike and I started Mondo Books in 2009.  The story is too long to write in a simple Blog but I tell you, we started a B2C with less than $500 Dollars and in few years and a huge economic downturn later, business has evolve to B2C and B2B.

Mondo, comes from Japanese 問答,  a Zen word meaning Q&A.

Mon [問] Mondai 問題 {Problem/Question} and Dou [答] (Kotae) {Answer/Response}

問答無用 意味

問答無用 用例

About me; Citizen of Mexico Majico, from an ugly small town I do not wanna even mention here.   Not too much to do, I started Skateboarding at 17 and became local champion

  1. expertise and how it addresses…
  2. problem or goal, and how to…
  3. contact you.

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