[INFOGRAPHIC] The Evolution of the Job Application

Remember those times when you needed  to have an accurate and trustful CV, custom made so you can get a good impression? You also needed to ask so many people for help, to check your  spelling.

And so your teachers would reccommend you to mention this and mention that about your goals and strong points in your education or previous Jobs etc?…

Well, the infographic below, compiled by Spark Hire, examines the evolution of applying for a job and it demosntrates how easy has become tou have a CV.

You’re No Longer Just a Resume.

Hand-written CV and job aplications have become a thing of the past (except in Japan) and online CV, virtual working resumes, online presentations, Youtube video job applications and work online ability testing technologies are here to stay.
Thanks to lazy people that came with good ideas to make things better and easier, electronic files are allowing us to keep one permanent Curriculum Vitae (for good and for bad)

Old technology innovations have slowly fade away and fail because of the development of a little thing called the Internet and so some colocation agencies have failed to step into the new job hiring process.

Just as it’s revolutionized everything from grocery shopping to travel, social and digital media have had an enormous effect on the job hunt. With technology moving forward every day, the job discovery and application process is constantly evolving and in flux. To embrace the future, however, we must look to the past.

Infographic courtesy of Spark Hire.


Infographic courtesy of Spark Hire.