The half million yen #marketing campaign that gave ZERO ROI

  A 500,000 Yen ($4,800+US) Investment gone wrong.

A friend of mine has been running a car customization business for over 15 years. A distant cousin of him once contacted him to offer a once on a lifetime advertising offer.
My friend’s cousin was working on a local newspaper that had a cancellation for a whole half page advertising from a big company.
He offered him the whole side of the Newspaper on a Sunday publication for a ridiculous price.

Image: Wikimedia Commons. Author: Corpse Reviver

My friend couldn’t believe his luck and immediately started working on a promotion campaign for his car systems, accessories, customization, modification and other services. All this on a great design with a fantastic photo background.

You already read the results. He got Zero calls nor any other type of inquiry about his well planned advertising campaign.
Traditional marketing might have a great impact but it is now always guaranteed and same as social media marketing, ROI depends in too many facts to calculate.

And that is a great example on the difference between Social Media Marketing and Traditional Marketing.

Besides, the costs of one Newspaper advertising campaign could have been accurately used for a 3 month social media marketing campaign.

More about (Facebook) ROI on Social Media Examiner:


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