Becoming a Zombie in China …and the Hungry Ghosts

…in this particularly interesting western festival (Halloween), I also want to experience the feeling of turning to a zombie…


At the same time as the Halloween season, Chinese natives additionally have a celebration called ‘The Feast of the Hungry Ghosts’ (盂蘭盆). These ghosts are pointed to as “hungry” due to their supposed behavior.
The belief is that the those souls hailed from individuals who have gone distant because of unnatural causes and those that were not given a proper burial by their family. The story goes that the souls (靈魂) feel they have been relinquished and look to take it out on the living.

There is also a Festival of the Hungry Ghosts. This is a try to make the angry spirits feel welcome and subdue their antagonistic feelings. To do this, the residents of China give the spirits incense (joss sticks), comestible, and gifts. All this presents are outlined to help the spirits to remember items they may have had when they were living on earth before they passed away. Believers hope that this offers will ease the spirits desire to revenge the living.

And to represent you the way some Chinese citizens celebrate Halloween, here’s Lingling’s (凌凌梦) Blog on weibo, and her tips on Halloween-makeup styles.

Lingling's Blog


“WARNING, adults only. Not for the weak hearted” …

One thought on “Becoming a Zombie in China …and the Hungry Ghosts

  1. Perfect for the Halloween season!

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