China, Jiangsu. Night views of the ponds in Suzhou on a hazy night.

March 25 is the last day of the south folk songs, the next day is time for camarographer 蓝色高地 “Blue Heights” return to Jiaodong.

From the Cold Mountain Temple, was already dusk, and we have had the intention to Suzhou city stroll the night scene. Take the black taxis and go to the downtown business district of Suzhou. After asking out of the restaurant and being a little drunk, I went to the historic ponds, and interesting Monument Square. Right then, I found the famous ponds Street in Suzhou.

Melancholic pictures with wonderful night color tones.

Suzhou-ponds. Night street bazaar shop.

Visit the official site with English translation:

Suzhou,  Jiangsu. People’s republic of China


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