Japanese town used Facebook to save his only tree.

The town of Rikuzentakata, swept by the tsunami in March 2011 struck northeastern Japan , has seized on the social network Facebook to preserve the unique pine left standing, which will become a symbol of reconstruction. To save the “tree of Hope” is the goal of a campaign launched on Facebook ( facebook.com / RikuzentakataCity ) , with which the municipality expects to collect donations to preserve the pine of 27 .5 meters which withstood the disaster .

The great mass of water killed nearly 2,000 residents of this seaside town, (one of the most affected of the entire coast). And it was also to blame for the faith of 70,000 trees that once stood facing the sea in this county.

The image of the tree, soon dubbed the “miracle pine” in the midst of a desolate wasteland went around the world and became an emblem of strength and will to rebuild, but in the months after their roots were killed by the salinization of the land.

This makes it inevitable degradation of the tree unless it is coated with a special type of gelatin, an expensive treatment that the municipality seeks to finance the campaign on Facebook.


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